Stick Your Neck Out - John Baharie

John Baharie

My name is John Baharie and I belong to the North East of England. My ancestor, Alexander Baharie, was of Scottish descent and he too wrote a book, copies of which are now preserved in Sunderland city library. Alexander Baharie (origin "Balharrie") was born in 1802 and opened the first School of Navigation in Sunderland. Back then, the Baharie family were nautical instrument makers, originally from Athole, Scotland.

That was the past - now to the near future!

I have created a world where fear hangs in the air and a scapegoat is needed. Add to this the opportunist actions of an ambitious politician using his legitimised thugs and the scene is set in Michael Hammond's Britain.

Perhaps the economic wastelands of northern England have generated in me a belief that justice is a precious commodity, never to be overlooked - never to be sacrificed for imagined safety against imagined enemies.

Maybe deep within us all we have an inherited desire to protect the oppressed. But maybe that desire bursts out of only a few brave people.

My hero in this tale could be any one of us, should we choose to listen to the voice within that asks: should I stick my neck out?

Perhaps I've been lucky enough to inherit my ancestor's skill with the pen. I do hope you agree and that you enjoy reading my novel.

John Baharie.
May 2013.