Stick Your Neck Out - John Baharie


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Stick Your Neck Out

It's the near-future and Michael Hammond rules Britain. However, the Muslim section of the population is governed differently through the establishment of "Collectives".

The Prime Minister uses the latest communications technology and his National Intelligence Organisation, the NIO, to safeguard the electorate from the perceived threat of Islamic terrorism, while an indifferent population looks the other way.

This is the story about one ordinary person who takes a chance to help a Muslim family - he sticks his neck out. He tangles with a very nasty "nee-oh" - street jargon for a National Intelligence Organisation officer.

But Eno the nee-oh wants more than his hat back.

At times brutal, at times funny, this story is about a chase and an examination of what bravery is all about. It's about apathy in a world where security from terrorist attack has become more important than true justice.

But it's not all bad news…